About Aheers Group

Humble Beginnings

Dayaram Aheer

“We pass this way but once. Any good deed that can be done, do it now whilst we are able lest we not have the chance again.”

It all began with Ramharak Aheer, a humble pair of baskets balancing on two ends of a bamboo rod and home grown crops growing on rented soil. This man was a determined entrepreneur who never took up formal work but instead he plowed fields for other farmers, herded livestock and coordinated rail and road transport for local farmers. 

Times were tough and food was scarce while the economy was in a tailspin. Apartheid merely added to the amounting struggles. This never stopped Ramharak’s determination to fulfill his vision in ensuring his sons Gokul, Dayaram and Bogothieprasad in achieving success.

This hardworking gentleman and his sons would pave the way for the future of the Aheers group.

“Apartheid taught us not to become paralyzed by the challenges thrown at us but to work around the problem, finding a solution and making us wiser men whilst finding effective solutions to move forward.”

Forced to vacate their farmland, losing their donkeys which transported their produce, the loss of their crops and now their home. They had nowhere to go.

Donkey Cart
Aheers old store

In 1957 Dayaram left standard 8 to join his dad and brothers in their business. He believed his youthful energy could be of great use to his aging father. His father on the other hand understood the importance of education and strived to send his son to the best education which was 100km away in Pietermaritzburg to complete his education. The costs were too high, but that didn’t make his father falter.

Dayaram and his brothers ensured his father’s vision for education was seen to, by ensuring the children of the Aheer family received the best education

Tragedy hit the Aheer’s family in 1965. Where they faced “Life’s biggest setback.” Rajee Aheer, the glue to the family and mother to Dayaram and his brothers, passed away. A light in their life vanished from the world, and shortly after, their father Ramharak passed away a year later.

“We are three brothers and we will work together.”

Before passing, Ramharak requested his vision and business to pass onto Dayaram and his brothers. Dayaram continued his fathers legacy within the Fruit and Vegetable business, while his brothers Gokul and Bogothieprasad inherited the wood and coal business, driving school and taxi business. They responded “We are three brothers and we will work together.” Dayaram emotionally smiled “Dad gave us his blessing…”

Years followed and the brothers faced hardship within their business, but they never faltered thanks to their father’s determined spirit, he inspired them every step of the way. His father taught them to never give up and to rise above hardships.

They started a firewood business when there was a lack of electricity supply. Firewood was necessary for bathing and cooking. They supplied fruit and vegetables when people needed food and they grew their driving school.

“Making a difference in peoples’ lives is what drives me, to me this means making more than just money and business, but very much the greater good in serving and growing.”

The brothers slowly grew their business with hardwork and determination. They started Aheer’s hardware store in 1974 purchased their first plot of commercial land in 1989 and then handed their business over to their next generation. in 1993 Aheers Multisave Supermarket was established followed by Aheers Cash and Carry in 2006 and then Aheer’s foodworks in 2018. The one thing that never changed was the Aheer’s determination and hardworking spirit, they put God, love and family first…Always.

Dayaram praying
Cow Petting

Legacy Timeline

Aheers Group

Our History


Owned Their First Horse Cart

With only a Peddlers License on hand and prejudice working against them, Ramharak and his sons turned a dire situation into an opportunity. Turning a scrap truck into a Horse Cart


Dayaram Left School to Join Family Business

Believing his youthful energy could assist his aging father, Dayaram took the leap and left school to help further their family business.


Dayaram, Gokul and Bogothieprasad inherit business

A tragedy befell the family when their mother Rajee passed away in 1965 and shortly after their father joined her. Before passing he requested his sons inherit their business.


Aheers Hardware Store is Established

The brothers began a new avenue that would soon rise to success.


Aheer's Multisave Supermarket Established

Aheers group decide to open a 3rd store.


Aheers Cash and Carry Opened

Aheers then begin their journey with a Cash and Carry store.

Our Success


Forced to Vacate Farmstead

Due to the land act that passed during the Apartheid era, Ramharak and his family were forced off of their land.


Bought Their First Brand New Vehicle

They officially owned their first brand new vehicle, which would allow them to transport their fruit and veg even further building on the growth of the business.


First Aheers store Opens

This marked the start of many businesses to come. 


Purchased Commercial Property in Greytown

The brothers purchased their first commercial property that would soon home their flagship store in Greytown.


Next Aheer's Generation Inherits Business

Dayaram and his brothers hand their business over to their sons, the next generation of the Aheer’s group.


Aheers Foodworks Opens in Kranskop

Aheers group take their first big step and expanded their reach by opening their first store outside of Greytown.


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